Hozier – Almost (Sweet Music)


Hozier keeps the emotion and underwater parallels going with new cheery jam..

             It's always a great start to the weekend when Hozier drops some new music. Especially when leaving work and you listen to that new Hozier, it feels like the sky is parting and the sun is peaking through for the first time all winter. Hozier continues his parallel theme to the feeling of being underwater with his latest guitar-led single "Almost (Sweet Music)." Hozier keeps this one a lot lighter and upbeat than his other recent releases "Movement" and his 2018 EP Nina Cried PowerThis underwater cover art theme that began with his 2018 EP and has now continued may be foreshadowing of a new album by the Irish singer/songwriter; oh man are we ready.

Listen to his latest single below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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