J Balvin shares the official Telemundo FIFA World Cup Anthem “Positivo”

j balvin

J Balvin provides the World Cup anthem for Telemundo..

            The FIFA World Cup is almost upon us, which means no more sleep for the majority of the world. With every World Cup via Telemundo comes an anthem to soundtrack it all. In the past Shakira has been given the honour of providing the anthem as well as Pitbull, but this year it makes sense that Telemundo chose the biggest Latin artist out right now; J Balvin. J Balvin shared the video and anthem yesterday, which features DJ/producer Michael Brun and has already amassed over 1 million views on Youtube. You can watch and stream the track below and get ready to hear it everyday once the World Cup begins at Telemundo.

Find "Positivo" on our The Latin Sound playlist via Spotify.

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