Jachary shares the energy filled anthem “Posse Cut #1”

Photo by Aakash Bhatia

lovelove studios hosts this collaboration of positivity and creativity..

          Brooklyn-based artist Zachary Levine-Caleb known as his solo project Jachary, brings together a whole gang of artists for his new track titled, "Posse Cut #1." The song was produced and brought to life at his Brooklyn-based lovelove studios where he assembled a legendary jam session that resulted in a 5 minute song featuring 13 artists of many talents (Feature list (alphabetical): Akinyemi, Ben Katz, Bohan Phoenix, Carmen Noelia, Dillon Treacy, Ebone Underground, Elbows, Granata, Grey, Pip, Synead, itsRalphTho and Lionmilk). The collaboration that breathes positivity included rappers, producers, vocalists and even horn players to name a few. "Posse Cut #1" delivers a cheerful vibe feeling like a bonus track off Chance The Rapper's grammy-award winning album Colouring Book; bringing forth that same positivity and artist inclusion. It's Jachary's versatility that makes him able to bring out the best from every artist while maintaining his own level of musical genius blending elements of funk, rock, hip-hop and soul. Stream "Posse Cut #1" below and take a moment to check out more of Jachary's past work like his debut album There's a Virus Going On.

You can find "Posse Cut #1" on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.