Jalen Santoy breaks his silence with new banger “Dip”

Photography by @a.klongshot
jalen santoy

Jazz influenced, but pen driven Santoy is back..

                Charleston rapper Jalen Santoy ends his silence since his last single "Killa Season" with his brand new banger "Dip." It finds Santoy providing a quick jazzy intro to quickly transition to the hard hitting drums and bass driven record. Reminiscent of Danny Brown's mayhem-filled track "Dip," Santoy slows it down for perfect driving music. This is only his second single of the year with hopefully a new album coming soon as it's been 3 years since his debut album Charlie EasternWe are all here for a new Jalen Santoy full-length album so let's sit tight.

Stream "Dip" below and find it on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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