Jalen Santoy furthers the J. Cole comparisons on new single

jalen santoy

Jalen Santoy vents about his "Pain"..

          Born in South Carolina and raised in North Carolina much like J. Cole, the now Los Angeles-based rapper Jalen Santoy is releasing music that has people comparing his thoughtful wordplay to greats like J. Cole and delivery like Vince Staples. J. Cole is the closest comparison by far and you can hear it in his voice and lyrics that can be attributed to growing up in familiar surroundings. "Pain" is Jalen's latest single, covering stories about his childhood, college, and the struggle of the streets. He's the voice of the people, describing the cards they were dealt having to experience a whole lot of  "pain" growing up. The touching, but lyrical track shows Jalen's ability to writes stories and bring emotion to his raps. Check out other past songs like "Vices" and "Foreplay" (below) that exhibits Jalen's ability of providing bangers as well as melodious jazzy tracks.

Stream Jalen Santoy's new single "Pain" below on Soundcloud and Spotify or find it on the City Soundcheck playlist.

Stream Jalen Santoy's track "Foreplay" below off his debut album Charlie Eastern.

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