James Hersey – Pages EP

james hersey
James Hersey - Pages EP

Everybody's talking about this

          Released earlier this month, James Hersey dropped his 5-track EP titled, "Pages." The electropop artist let go of his single, 'Coming Over' a while ago catching fire and being remixed by various producers. Although released as a single a long time ago, it fits right at home on this EP. James' unique voice compliments the poppy electro beats that is this project.

The project opens with his song, 'Miss You,' which is just screaming to get remixed although James proves that his voice was made for electronic dance beats. "Pages" begins with the bittersweet side of love and quickly translates to the misconception of people on the outside of your relationship in 'Everybody's Talking.' James shows his frustration of how outsiders tend to affect relationships even when they shouldn't have any say in them. 'Tomorrow' brings to light a more positive perspective  explaining as to why wait until tomorrow  to fix something when today can be tomorrow. As you listen through the EP, the songs get happier and hopeful making you wonder if that is what James attempted to translate to the listener. 'Coming Over' is the peak of James' happiness on the EP making sense of the song's success in its original release. The EP closes with the last song, 'Pages' where James returns to being retrospective, looking back at the people he could not be there for anymore because of the busy lives musicians live. It is a bittersweet ending to the EP, but heartbreak makes great music and that is exactly what James Hersey is doing. Looking forward to a full-length album from him soon and the remixes I'm sure will be produced from this EP. Dope.

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