Jessie Ware – Adore You

jessie ware

Jessie Ware's vocals go hand in hand with electronic music..

               London songstress Jessie Ware has made a name for herself by having one of the most popular voices in electronic music, but it's the versatility of her voice that's responsible for all her wide range of guest appearances. Her most recent album Glasshouse was her most honest and best body of work ranging from very soulful tracks like "Selfish Love" to her powerful electronic pop like "Stay Awake, Wait For Me." Now in 2019 she's returned to her vocals backed by hard electronic production that yell daytime pool party or late night rave with her latest release "Adore You." With a very European edge, this is has to be one of my favourite releases of the year.

Stream her new track below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify. 

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