Kandy Space’s Kustom and 40K introduce their eclectic hip-hop sound on their debut EP ‘Guest House’

kustom x 40k
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kustom x 40K

Kandy Space is that hip-hop/house blend you can play through till the AM..

Stand out Tracks: "Bad Love," "4 The Weekend," and "Kapo"

Release Date: October 5th, 2018

            Vancouver-based hip-hop collective Kandy Space have been on their Soundcloud grind for some time now dropping loose gems here and there for around the past 5 years with an official project always in the horizon. Kandy Space is made up of rapper Kustom, producer/engineer/vocalist 40K and their DJ/engineer extraordinaire Sokrates. Blending the sounds of house with hip-hop, Kandy Space produces their eclectic sound between 40K's synth and drum-based production and Kustom's robust rapping voice. Their unique sound can be heard on their 4-track debut EP Guest House.

The opening track "4 The Weekend" kicks off Guest House directly into party mode as if the front doors at a house party are opening as you walk into a straight vibe. No doubt the party cut off the EP, 40K introduces heavy drums and a deadly flute that's out here ready to take your girl. In addition to the production, 40K jumps on the faded out chorus while Kustom inaugurates his villainous flow to the EP.

"Bad Love" comes next continuing the upbeat production, but this is really where Kustom gets centre stage to get at his vigorous bars. Referencing ex-girls and the inclination to fatal attractions, "Bad Love" gives us another party track we can all relate to and pour some out to. 

"Sideways" slows it down just a tad, acting as the smoke break on the EP while giving some limelight to DJ Sokrates on the breaks providing the fine scratches.

"Kapo" closes the EP with 40K providing a 'Tory Lanez-esque' falsetto hook and Kustom giving the track the essential balance seen throughout the EP. Though the EP is short and sweet, it was Kandy Space's exact decision to put their debut EP out there as a small taste of what people can expect. More great hip-hop coming out of Vancouver and definitely a collective to keep an eye out for. Dope.

Guest House is out and can be streamed here or you can find "4 The Weekend" and "Bad Love" on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify. Want more from Kandy Space? Well you can check out 40K's remix of "4 The Weeknd" here below as well, which just dropped.

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