Kick back in the sun with the new Lagoons EP, ‘Escape’ + Interview

The Lagoons
the lagoons

The Lagoons lay down a colourful collection with, 'Escape'

Stand out Tracks: "Morning," "Close my Eyes (And I Wonder)," and "Desert Sky"

Release Date: April 6th, 2018

          The Lagoons new EP, "Escape" delivers breezy sounds perfect for a summer afternoon in the sun.  Their mix of mellow 70's yacht rock woven with a ripe jazzy synth-pop really pushes the limits of creativity.  Their enchanting sounds are everything from reflective to euphoric all while painting colourful pictures of our favourite places to escape.

Ease into the EP with the 'rise and shine' vibe of, "Morning". A perfect blend of gripping and relaxing that sets the tone for the whole EP and thoughtfully compliments the next track and their lead single, "Close My Eyes (And I Wonder)".  While the prominent saxophone holds your attention, the soft, atmospheric undertones help you escape as they carry on throughout the entire EP.  The music is smooth and well thought-out and no doubt does what it was written to do. The final song, "Desert Sky" is an easy going harmony that puts your head in the clouds while keeping you grounded. There's no better ending to an escape that keeps you refreshed and relaxed as you slowly dismount the EP.

The duo made up of brothers Joey and Ryan Selan grew up in LA playing various instruments in their middle school jazz band, and they laterformed The Lagoons in 2015. With Escape  leading the way, The Lagoons have tasted success on Spotify with a cumulative over 25 million+ streams across all singles and EPs. I got the opportunity ask Joey and Ryan several questions about, "Escape" and how their musical talents blossomed into such an outstanding sound.  Stay tuned for more from the Lagoons as they remain eager to write and share their passion for music.

You can check out our exclusive interview with The Lagoons below.

An Interview with The Lagoons


By Jeff H.

- I don’t think Escape could have a more appropriate name. The EP is therapeutic and helps takes your mind off of whatever’s going on in your life. Was there something in your lives that you found you needed an escape from that inspired the EP?

Ryan: I think it’s just about the general idea of sometimes needing to escape from reality, whether that be physically or mentally.
Joey: Yeah, I don’t think there was a singular event or anything but everyone has a rough day sometimes and music has always been a great escape for us to help take our minds off of things.


- Both ‘Close My Eyes (And I Wonder)’ and ‘Dark World’ paint vivid pictures lyrically, yet they’re almost polar opposites. Would you say that ‘Close my Eyes (And I Wonder)’ is your escape from the ‘Dark World’ you describe?

Ryan: I guess we never thought of it like that.
Joey: That’s an interesting way to put it though. I think ‘Close My Eyes’ came from a place of reflection and ‘Dark World’ had to do with the
environment that was surrounding us at the time.


- You’re both multi-instrumentalist. What was the first instrument you each instinctively picked up in your middle school jazz band?

Ryan: I started playing trumpet and then soon picked up drums actually, then moved on to guitar.
Joey: Seeing Ryan playing music early on, I wanted to start playing an instrument myself so I picked up saxophone a little before entering middle school and then eventually moved on to piano in high school.


- Do you have a stronger connection with those instruments over others?

Ryan: I most strongly connect with the guitar. But I love playing drums as well. It’s been a while since I last picked up the trumpet but maybe one day again.
Joey: I definitely underappreciated playing the saxophone growing up until later in my life once we started releasing music. Now I’m so glad I have that jazz background and equally love playing saxophone the same as playing piano. But I probably play the piano a little more just because that’s what I write on.


- Would you say you grew up listening to a lot of the same music and have a lot of the same creative influences?

Ryan: Yeah, definitely. Our parents would always be playing music in the house so whatever was on there’s a good chance we both were listening to it.
Joey: Yeah, like Ryan said, our parents have great taste in music, or at least we think so, so growing up there was always either Steely Dan,
Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, or The Eagles on. Even throughout our teen years, my musical taste came from pretty much whatever Ryan was
listening to at the time.


- Siblings bicker and argue. My sister and I get along, but not without the occasional disagreement. Has being brothers ever hindered your ability to create music, or would you say it’s one of the main reasons for your success?

Ryan: There’s never hard feelings at the end of the day.
Joey: Yeah, we definitely have our moments where we disagree but I think what ultimately brings us together is the fact that we’re family and can hash anything out. We’ve always had a great relationship which has been a key factor for us writing music together and bouncing ideas off one another. At the end of the day, we both have the same vision for The Lagoons and goals that we need to accomplish together.


- With a couple successful EPs and handful of singles under your belt, fans are excited for what’s to come. Do you see an album coming together in the near future?

Ryan: Definitely. I think the goal right now is to keep on releasing music frequently and continue connecting with our fans as well as new listeners.
Joey: Yeah, we’ve already been working on a handful of songs that we’re super excited to share. We don’t have the release plans hashed out just yet but you can definitely expect more to come from us soon.