Kid Cudi proves to be Kanye’s metronome in ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’

kanye x cudi
kids see ghosts

 Kanye & Cudi's 'KIDS SEE GHOSTS' trumps Kanye's 'ye'..

Stand out Tracks: "Cudi Montage," "Reborn," and "4th Dimension"

Release Date: June 8th, 2018

            Kanye West and Kid Cudi's joint project KIDS SEE GHOSTS has finally been released and now that we have had sometime to process the album, I think we should take a moment to give thanks for Kid Cudi still being with us. He takes Kanye West to another level of musical genius and their joint album was a long time coming. In my opinion, KIDS SEE GHOSTS trumps Kanye's ye, and that is simply in regards to the album's message in its entirety; with Cudi by his side, I finally believe Kanye is free. Cudi grounds Kanye and brings him back from whatever planet his creativity transports him. Cudi acts as Kanye West's metronome on this joint album. 

KIDS SEE GHOSTS is a Cudi album with Kanye West's genius production and executive producing in securing all the right hands that needed to touch this project to make it what it is. "Feel The Love" opens the album on a positive note and a Pusha T verse that forever deepens Drake's L and sends fans running back to DAYTONA for yet another listen. With the negative energy released after Cudi and Kanye's conclusion of the opening track, the duo now known as KIDS SEE GHOSTS can release all their love and positivity right after one more shit talkin' track via "Fire." Kanye's "Monster" and Cudi's Indicud bars are back in "4th Dimension" while "Reborn" brings on one of Cudi's signature hooks and verses that could have comfortably lived on Man on the Moon. You can't forget the Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) closing feature in "Kids See Ghosts" and the duo's message of being free of public opinion in the sequel to "Ghost Town" titled, "Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)." Then lastly comes "Cudi Montage," for what could be the best sample of the year; Kanye and Cudi flowing over Kurt Cobain's gritty guitar riff off "Burn The Rain" from his posthumous compilation, Montage of Heck. For that 'dose of dopeness' we have to thank Cudi, Mike Dean and Dot Da Genius who bring a message of hope from a man still blessing us from above. KIDS SEE GHOSTS is seven tracks of two artists thriving over creative freedom.

Check out the full album here via Spotify and find all the songs off the album on our City Soundcheck playlist


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