L.A Chicken – Dine Dom

L.A Chicken

11780 Thorpe Road, Richmond, BC V6X 1J6


4/5 stars

               When walking into this quiet little spot off 5 Road there are a couple things you should prepare yourself for. One, the owner is going to be fresher than you. You absolutely cannot flex on my man. His upper body has only felt the finest Jordan cottons. His kicks could easily outshine any pair on the Richmond Olympic Oval basketball courts making Mr Cleans head look like a back alley dumpster. But instead of dishing the rock, it's fried chicken. Succulent perfectly crisp fried chicken. Sometimes while eating here I will close my eyes just to focus my sense of taste the spicy gift it is being given. A real veteran move on a nice day is taking it to go and dining on the park benches across the street. He has been forging his craft for years at this location and I can honestly say the Richmond fried chicken game peaks on this corner.

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