LA-based Rows brings the dream of the California coast with debut EP ‘Something More’


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Have your summer move in slow motion daydream with Rows..

Release Date: April 27th, 2018

LA-based Rows deliver their debut EP Something More, gifting us with 6 tracks that are sure to accompany you on every road trip this summer. Lead singer Matt Couchois lends his sunshine-coast-inspired alternative rock with an "ethereal touch." Having spent almost 8 years with his band Max and the Moon, Matt Couchois starts fresh with this new found moniker and trio, Rows under his label WAX LTD.

The EP is led by the lead single and title track "Something More," which in fact closes the EP with a pensive endnote. The need for "Something More" will naturally be felt by their fans as the 18 min project leaves quite an EP to follow up. I would compare Rows' dreamy and heart thumping sound to that of Empire of the Sun whose music goes hand in hand with memorable moments filled with positivity and wonder. Listen to the fifth track on the EP, "Simplicity" and feel those palpitations make your mind drift or the opening track, "Parachute" for its careless and youthful visual narrative. "Supernatural" steps away from the daydream for a bass-led love song that brings out the Matt Healy in Matt Couchois. The EP is then balanced by the fork in the road, "Infinite," which chooses between reality and the daydream; quickly headed right back into the dream that is "Simplicity." Rows' debut EP, Something More is the daydream you don't want to wake up from.

Stream the album below via Spotify as well as the title track via Soundcloud. You can find "Parachute," "Simplicity" and "Something More" on our dream of a Spotify playlist, Burn Slow Vibes.

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