LaDonnis shines in groovy rap track, “Touch”

ladonnis -17353627_10154543213358741_6211880179754007875_n

LaDonnis pairs groove with catchy raps..

           Fools Gold Records has a big rapper in their hands and he's from Atlanta going by the name: LaDonnis. His most recent single is titled "Touch" and gives you a taste of his groovy rap that leaves no doubt as to why someone like A-Trak would have signed him. The funk-dance production fits the Fools Gold Records sound and boasts for an incredibly bouncy album from the rapper. LaDonnis' upcoming project is set to be titled A Sunny Place for Shady People, but other than the name and the potential singles off the album, "Touch" and "Hallelujah;" there is not set release date. You can download "Touch" below off Soundcloud or stream the single on Spotify. 

Find "Touch" on the City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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