Laureline shine the brighter side to escapism on debut album ‘Wash’ + interview


A collection of creatives come together sharing one identity on debut album..

             Hailing from the city of angels, Los Angeles, the eclectic group of creatives we know as Laureline released their debut single/love letter "I Love You" back in 2018 and since then have been dropping love pop melodies that at the time seemed to have no home. Each song felt part of a bigger cause shining through with cover arts that felt part of a bigger collection; all aesthetically pleasing while mixing different mediums to communicate their stories. We interviewed the group [full interview below] and touched upon their debut album and group's identity. They explained how their debut album includes no features which allowed them "to establish a clear identity" while still being a collection of artists who grew up in different places. Though their perspectives are influenced by their hometowns bringing different experiences to the table, they all come together and sing in harmony in their debut, Wash.

After over a year of teasing their music little by little, Laureline have finally release their debut album Wash. One of my criteria that makes or breaks an album from being a good one is cohesiveness; whether you can listen to it front to back and it feels like one big story. Wash is just that, each track has it's place on the album. "Brushing Shoulders" introduces you into the world of Laureline walking you through the pearly gates while "Just Go Slow On Me" puts the project into perspective; slowing things down. It's great to see "I Love You" kicking things off following the intro track as it really did kick things off for Laureline. "Wash" and "Nothing" are the favourites off the album that I believe really paint a clear picture of they're sound's identity meshing the worlds of Rhye's sound and Fleetwood Mac's different voices working in harmony. Wash is a great collection of experiences that shine the brighter side to escapism while introducing us to Laureline's true identity. Expect to hear more buzz from this group moving forward and catch them at one of their upcoming shows in Southern California as they make their eventual trek up to Vancouver.

Check out our full interview with Laureline below and find their music on our playlists like Muse Love Sounds.

An Interview with Laureline

By Miguel Bustamante

1. I love your branding. It’s very minimalistic and clean, which goes very well with your sound. They harmonize together beautifully; was it always your intention to package your music with photography?

Thank you so much!! Yes it was always so important to us to establish an aesthetic voice alongside the music. We're all visual artists as well and take the visuals as seriously as the music. I don't think you can really separate the two anymore and there will always be a synesthetic quality to music for us. We always wanted Laureline to be a kinetic space, not just a band or a photo gallery.

2. Your music reminds me of a combination of Fleetwood Mac with Rhye. The songwriting and harmonies give me Fleetwood like on “Nothing,” but your production and melodies bring me Rhye on “Wash.” Would you say that’s a fair assessment that your music brings both worlds together to a middle ground?

Wow, that is the ultimate compliment, thank you so much! Fleetwood Mac is one of the best bands ever so that is incredibly flattering. Rhye is one of our favorite bands too! It's like a master class in letting the songwriting shine through clever and minimal production. Not to mention his voice is so unique. You can't mistake a Rhye song. But to answer your question, I think that is a fair assessment of our music and what we've aimed for!

3. Your songs seem to come from very personal experiences or moments in perhaps your lives. Would you say your songs are more for escaping those moments and moving on or rather honouring them.

We play with dichotomies quite a bit in our music. I really like expressing very personal and even heartbreaking experiences through pop music. You can say almost anything and if it has a pop melody to it no one will bat an eye at it. I love honoring our experiences in a way that sounds like escapism.

4. How does it feel to finally release your debut album after dropping the first single “I Love You” back in 2018?

I think it's a very surreal feeling to finally release Wash. We've had this record in mind for so long that it feels like the culmination of a chapter in our lives. I Love You felt like such an amazing pop song to lead off with and I'm happy that we can release the rest of the music to show everyone the rest of colors we can paint with. The response to the album has been phenomenal too! Obviously it's so personal to us and the kind words mean the world to us.

5. According to your bio, it’s three of you. How does collaborating work for you; who comes up with the melodies and is the songwriting a team effort?

Our collaborative process really depends for each song. I think we we're still discovering how we wanted to collaborate while making this record. Usually it starts with the bare bones of a song; verse, chorus, vocal ideas. I'll usually take the idea and start building the pieces around it; drum samples, guitars and overall vibe! If we feel like the song demo has a clear identity to it we'll get it properly produced with Mike Matta who produced all of Wash and has merged brains with us.

6. Where are you from? Do you think where you’re from influences your melancholic, but hopeful sound. (Perhaps a long winter like us in Vancouver!)

It's funny because although we all live in Los Angeles now, we all come from different places that have an impact on our music. I'm from Northern Washington actually and I feel like I carry around a lot of dark grays, and moodiness in the music. Even the word Wash was intended to have a geographic feeling to it. There's almost a synesthetic quality to the record when I hear it.

7. There are no features on your debut album. Was that a conscious decision to make your first full-length album purely your work with no external influences?

Definitely a conscious decision for us! The album just felt so personal to us and it would feel so strange hearing some of the lyrics sung by someone else. Not to say we'll never have a featuring artist it just never felt right for this record. Especially for our debut album it made most sense to establish a clear identity for ourselves!

8. Do you have an upcoming tour planned for ‘Wash’ and if so are you stopping by Vancouver?

We have several shows planned for southern California and hope to make a run up the west coast as well! Vancouver is one of my all time favorite cities so I would absolutely love to play there and share our music with people!