LEISURE get the weekend started with 2 new tracks “The Hype” & “Tied Up”


These guy are simply just vibe goals..

               Some people can just vibe and New Zealand-based indie electronic collective LEISURE might just be the chillest group out right now. With a song for every mood, LEISURE impress every time a new song releases thanks to their 5 independent members who bring a little something to their daily LEISURE. They're met with the task of following their critically acclaimed debut album LEISURE with their sophomore album (allegedly already complete) and with the releases rolling in; it sure feels like it's coming soon. The New Zealand-based collective drop two new tracks that really feel like what living the leisure life is like. "The Hype" has a more aggressive electronic tone to it to kick off the night with a couple pops, while "Tied Up" is back to their relaxed roots where the day can just float right past you. 

Stream both tracks below and find "The Hype" on our The AM Sound playlist while you can find "Tied Up" on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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