Lil Peep – Beamer Boy

lil peep

In honour of the young artist who made a big impact in emo hip-hop..

          Rest in peace to Lil Peep. The Long Island rapper/singer who brought emo hip-hop back to the forefront is gone too soon, but his music is here to stay. If I were to compare his music I'd say he sounds like Post Malone mixed with Kid Cudi's WZRD, heavily influenced by Nirvana. If you never got the chance to listen to Lil Peep, it's never to late to check him out and stand out tracks like "Awful Things," "Save That Shit," "Beamer Boy," and "Benz Truck (remix)." His music was an outlet for the rapper and therapeutic for the many fans who connected with his music. Artists from all over have paid their respects to the 21 year old rapper so join in and stream his music all day to remember the tatted young rapper.

Stream his track and one of my favourites "Beamer Boy" below and find it on the City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify. 

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