Lisa shares her debut single “Primitive Us” reminding us to disconnect and live


Lisa reminds us to leave our comfort zone and enjoy life..

              Canadian singer Lisa shares her debut single "Primitive Us" reminding us to enjoy every little aspect of life and snap out of the comatose lives many of us lead. She brings a soulful feel to her R&B, deep rooted via her hazy and distant vocals. The production follows her vocals on every step, breaking down and turning up like a shadow that's trying to keep up. It reminds me of Tame Impala's production that weaves into the forefront of the song and right back to the background at certain transitions within the track. Lisa has definitely got my attention with this debut and hope to hear more from the Northern Ontario singer.

You can stream "Primitive Us" below and you can find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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