Listen to “Soarin” and “Cartier” off Bazzi’s debut album


Bazzi is the next big voice in R&B..

           Is Bazzi the new starboy? The cover art for his debut album COSMIC may be suggesting that, but it may just be a reach. Nonetheless, prepare to hear Bazzi all over the radio starting today because this guy has the voice for mainstream music. At the young age of 20, the Los Angeles-based singer has been dropping singles since 2016; most notably tracks like "Beautiful" and "Why" that are enough to make you an instant fan. One thing is for sure it caught the attention of Camila Cabello bringing Bazzi along for her tour that started in Vancouver this past week. If you missed your shot, no need to worry as Bazzi will be back for Fvded in the Park in early July (Single day tickets are now available as well). Bazzi's debut album COSMIC is 16-tracks long and features some of his released tracks of the past year plus many more new songs. "Soarin" and "Cartier" are two new tracks appearing on the album that combine his loverboy songwriting with his contemporary 'Majid Jordan/Bryson Tiller' type production that keeps it fresh and energetic. Check out the rest of Bazzi's debut album here via Spotify, but find "Soarin" and "Cartier" below.

You can find "Soarin" on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist while "Cartier," "Why," "Beautiful" and "Myself" are sitting pretty on the City Soundcheck playlist.

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