Listen to We Are Mystic’s stunning self-titled debut EP

we are mystic

We Are Mystic find the perfect balance in debut EP..

Release Date: September 29th, 2017

          History has shown that many of the best groups in music have been formed and started through friendships. We Are Mystic is no exception to that phenomenon. Starting off as best friends, they eventually decided to turn their musical passion into reality and began their journey as 'We Are Mystic;' a new folk-pop duo from our very own back yard, British Columbia. The duo is made up of Addison Falls (vocals/guitar/keys) and Natasha Tunnicliffe (vocals/guitar) whom together are a perfect balance like each end of a piano. Their unique voices present a 'yin-yang' sound on the album where Addison's high gentle voice compliments Natasha's raspy powerful voice. The contrast in their voices and sympathetic songwriting is what makes their debut self-titled project, We Are Mystic EP, one to take notice.

The EP, which was released on September 29th is made up of 6 tracks that take you through an uplifting journey of hope, heartbreak, love and triumph. Although there are heart-rending moments in the album, We Are Mystic do a good job in keeping the sound uplifting and inspiring. Much of We Are Mystic's inspiration seems to come from nature's natural beauty being referenced throughout the album, but is most apparent in the opening track, "Trees." The opening track details the challenges in life by referring to them as the "shadows from the trees" and how they overcome them in this upbeat alternative rock cut. The following track, "By My Side" settles down to some folk where the opening verse sets me back to the first time I heard Aloe Blacc's "Wake Me Up." The rock influence is made evident in "God of My Soul" as Natasha makes her presence in the duo heard on her solo cut off the album. "Ghosts" flips the script with Addison on the vocals for a touching piano driven ballad where her soft tone takes centre stage. The folk-pop duo is back on the next track, "Dying For," where the piano and violins are replaced by the acoustic guitar in search for purpose (which in my opinion is music). The closing track on a very impactful debut EP is titled, "Lovesick." The acoustic folk song is the post scriptum of the EP further cementing a catalog ready to open for any touring artist (I'm looking at Tegan and Sara, Alabama Shakes, Angus & Julia Stone or someone like HAIM).

If you want to catch We Are Mystic live, get tickets here for their CD launch October 27th or RSVP here for a free show in Vancouver December 1st at the Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House on Granville. You can also find their track, "Trees" on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.


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