Logic – Homicide (ft Eminem & Chris D’Elia)


This is Logic and Eminem's first time on a track and they don't disappoint..

               Logic has slowly been teasing his upcoming album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and every track is more lyrical than the next, but I think we've reached the top of the mountain with his latest release. Logic teams up with Eminem for the first time (though it's been a long time coming) on his new single off his album titled, "Homicide." It shows the old generation of rap battling it out lyrically with the new generation and man do they go toe to toe. One of Eminem's best appearances in a while, showing everyone once again that he can still rap his ass off. We also can't forget the sample that closes the song featuring Chris D'Elia going off on his Eminem ish. A joke that Chris may have never expected to actually end up on an Eminem track could now be his biggest career accomplishment. 

Stream the track below and find it on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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