Lord Huron – Wait By The River

lord huron

Lord Huron flirt with garage rock on new releases..

           Lord Huron hasn't released any music since 2015 with their critically acclaimed album, Strange Trails. Since then Lord Huron has only released the two part track, "Ancient Names" where Lord Huron flirted with the garage rock and thrash sound; foreign to their indie folk sound found on their massive single "The Night We Met." With a new album on the horizon, founder Ben Schneider releases Lord Huron's latest single "Wait By The River." The new single brings back the retro summer-night indie sound that amends their long hiatus that comes to an end in April with the release of their upcoming album, Vide Noir. Let's hope to see Lord Huron touring this summer in support of their long awaited album.

Stream the new single below on Youtube or Spotify and find it on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.