Mac Millers revels in comeback 3 new tracks

mac miller

Mac Miller turns his controversy into 3 brilliant singles..

            Amid the Pusha-T and Drake beef there is another awakening, Mac Miller breaks his long hiatus with 3 brand new tracks that are sure to get you back on your Mac Miller vibe. His jazz-soul hip-hop is back with Mac's cigarette induced voice on tracks, "Buttons," "Smalls Worlds," and "Programs." While "Buttons" brings a 'The Divine Feminine' sound, "Programs" puts it on for GO:OD AM as "Smalls World" brings it home with its perplexed mellow-hype sound from his 2013 album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off. Mac Miller turns a last couple controversial months into brilliance with the Pittsburg rapper making his long-awaited comeback.. let's hope a project is on the way.

Stream the tracks below and find them on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.