Marcello Pizzeria – Dine Dom

Marcello Pizzeria

1404 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X9


4.5/5 stars

          My first order of business at most Italian restaurants is an extremely refreshing, ice cold Peroni. When in Rome am I right? (Or little Italy in this case). Marcello, being a Neapolitan style pizzeria with a large wood burning oven does make the interior a little warm in the summer. I'd recommend boxer briefs for their slightly uncomfortable but beautiful chairs. Another nice touch in the decor was the men's bathroom saloon style swinging doors. Alright let's eat capisce. Lattes leave you with a tasty moustache. Their pizza is fire, both in urban terms and the actual process that they are forged in fire. I had the Melanzane Parmigiana or eggplant parmesan for the 93% of us that can't pronounce that properly, which was a love story on its own. The cheese was sympathetically marrying the eggplant and everyone was invited to the wedding as the whole mouth participated in flavour. Pasta is done very authentically, like a grandma and her wooden spoon. Whether it's a weapon against her grandchild or a culinary tool she always hits her mark. Spumoni ice cream has the perfect cherry jubilee crunches alongside the pistachio. Overall a very quality spot, makes Olive Garden look like the Truman Show.

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