margø’s fearlessness defies the mainstream sound with new single “Someday”


Canadian-born singer unleashes an anthem of empowerment..

              Canadian singer margø was instantly accepted in the world of music after the release of her debut single "In Between," kicking off her part time hustle as a 'music creator' as she notes in her Instagram bio. Her debut was thunderous showing her vocal range and her ability to manipulate her voice for a unique delivery. That was earlier this year, but now she returns with her new empowering single about getting over a relationship where you were taken for granted titled "Someday." It's catchy in the mainstream way, but distinctive like an indie movie kind of way; setting her apart from the mainstream noise. A folk-pop kind of feel that only gets better with the volume turnt up. Stream it below and stay tuned for a project by the Canadian singer.

Stream it below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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