Martin Kerr – You’re Amazing


Canadian neo-folk artist Martin Kerr delivering feel good single titled "You're Amazing" 

                    Edmonton singer-songwriter Martin Kerr sets a new high with his newest single "You're Amazing." The Edmonton neo-folk artist releases one of the feel good tunes of the year, that has me playing this on repeat. With a sound that is eerily similar to Ed Sheeran, one of the world's top artists in any genre, Martin Kerr has the potential to gain similar ranks. Kerr explains some of his thoughts on his newest release: "I never thought I would write a song that people would sing along to the first time they heard it, although that has always been my dream." Personally, I cannot wait for what the rest of this album will entail. Martin Kerr will be in Vancouver on November 10th playing at the St. James Hall.

Check out the latest single "You're Amazing" on Spotify/Youtube below.

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