Matt Mays displays his talents in exclusively acoustic album release

matt mays

Matt Mays exhibiting his acoustic talents in new album and featured track..

                           The JUNO award winning Matt Mays has put a twist on his 2017 release Once Upon A Hell Of A Time with the full acoustic release entitled Twice Upon A Hell Of A Time. The Canadian's 2018 album release is his first exclusively acoustic album and after a listen (or 10) to this album, acoustic follow up albums to their non-acoustic counterparts should be mandatory. The featured track titled "Station Out of Range" has a completely different sound and vibe compared to the exact same non-acoustic version of the song. Mays says himself, "I think any good song can be done a million ways -- in different keys, time signatures, genres." The whole album, in fact, is a kaleidoscope of new sounds creating a whole new genre of music and an entirely new musical experience for the listener. And once again in Mays' words himself "that's where the magic lies."

Check out the featured track "Station Out of Range" on Youtube, or listen to the full album on Spotify below.

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