Meet Clairmont The Second and his undeniable flow

clairmont the second

The young rapper speaks his mind on record..

Stand out Tracks: "Wezide," "Gheeze," "Stories," "Ma Homie Gawd"

Release Date: September 29th, 2017

          The young rapper from Toronto, Canada is barely out of high school and has released one of the more promising hip-hop albums of the year. Clearly rapping beyond his years, the Toronto MC comes with the bass heavy beats and a flow that is undeniably the next to blow in Canada. Marking his second release of the year after dropping Quest for Milk and Honey, which initially showed his promise and a neo-soul sound that would later become his style sonically. This would translate into his latest 10-track album, Lil Mont From the Ave, released September 29th and fully written/produced by him; on his Q-tip shit.

Opening the album with a mellow intro telling a story about where he's from, he explains how he's from "here," which instantly follows with the first banger off the project, "Wezide." Opening with eerie rings, the heavy bass finally drops initiating a song packed with imagery and a little bit of stunting, proving Clairmont is coming for it all. "The Ave in You" is next with upbeat production where Clairmont elaborates about life in the hood over his quick-fire flow trying to fit it all in the 3 minute track. "Gheeze" is undoubtedly the banger off the project dedicating a whole track to the ad lib that's introduced in "Wezide;" 'gheeze.' It's almost half way through the project and we've only heard his upbeat flow, but that quickly changes in "Fo Myself" when his neo-soul sound is back and mellow. The fact he produced and wrote the whole album, "Fo Myself" commends his entreprenuerial come-up boldly stating he's the sole reason he's eatin'. Clairmont slows it down even more in "Luvin' Ona Budget," which is something all (especially highschool kids) can relate to when taking someone out. It would be dope to see him make a part II to this track once he doesn't have a budget changing the whole trajectory of the track. There is something about boom bap rap that takes everyone back to the A Tribe Called Quest days or even Method Man's Tical that proves the simplicity of distant kick drums, vocals and some soul is all a song really needs. That is "2 Rich 4 Me" on this album making it the most soulful and instrumental cut making one hell of a vibe. The following track, "Stories" turns it up again showing off his mighty flow rapping like an artist in his mid 20s channelling his inner "Meek Mill" flow. "Ma Homie Gawd" is the second last track off the album paying homage to the almighty one and counting his blesses over the synthesizer-infused production. "On The Clock" continues on the synthesizer production on the last track pledging his heart to his home (the hood) no matter his successes. He wraps up his album saying he'll always be from the ave.. 

At such a young age, its incredible to see the imagery he presents in this album describing his experiences  in a fresh and clean way. Did you all catch even one cuss word throughout the album? In today's rap, a clean rapper is hard to come by, but when you articulate your life in this manner who needs 'em. Clairmont The Second is on his way to being a real problem between his flow and production; I haven't seen a rapper showing this much promise since rappers like J. Cole or Big K.R.I.T. who are able to do it all. Fresh album by the young Canadian.

You can find tracks "Gheeze," "Wezide" on the City Soundcheck playlist and "2 Rich 4 Me" on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

"I ain't even famous, but I'm feeling like the man."

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