Mike Edel – Challenger

mike edel

It feels like 1986 all over again..

              Victoria folk singer/musician Mike Edel brings us all the way back to January 26th, 1986 to when the people on the Challenger met their demise. His new song "Challenger" remembers the hopeless feeling at a time when there was so much hope for this incredible risk. He channels those conflicting emotions bringing us a somber story, but one that changed history forever. Everyday we live life in disorientation and that's the beauty of it as Danish philosopher Kierkegaard explains, "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." It might not be the same situation, but everyday you can feel lost –whether it's due to social and political issues like we face today– forcing you to simply keep living amidst the craziness and that's what his latest single "Challenger" is all about.

Watch the video for "Challenger" below and find it on our Melancholy You playlist via Spotify.

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