Miradoro at Tinhorn Creek – Dine Dom


537 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1


4/5 stars

           Pulling into Tinhorn creek you are forced to carve through a very murderous and cabalistic driveway, almost like driving down Dracula's Path. It's a good lead up to walking through the main glass doors because it's a classy place. Very presidential views from any point in the restaurant. They even make pizza classy, Neapolitan with the perfect range of elevation around the crust. The classiest statement announced that night was said after the waiter asked how one of us wanted their steak done. "Ah take the horns off, gut it, and put it on the plate". The lamb is world class. A breeze strong enough to make Nicole Ritchie's knees shake could have peeled the meat off this shank it was so tender. The hummus and veggies served with it were very fresh, my only setback was the orange wine that could only be described as experimental. Our crew of around 40 people were overall pleased by their plates with only a few hiccups.

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