Moods – Zoom Out (ft Malia)

via Moods Spotify
via Moods Spotify

Moods is for all day, everyday..

              Rotterdam beatmaker Moods has been releasing music leading up to his debut studio album since 2017 with his debut finally dropping a couple weeks ago. The Dutch producer has an enact ability to put emotions into sounds bringing songs for every mood no matter the day. Elevator music for your emotions with just that bit of soul enough to reel you in and never let you go. His debut studio album is titled, Zoom Out featuring the stand out and title track "Zoom Out." "Zoom Out" features Los Angeles singer Malia, whose elegant vocals have led her to work with The Internet's Syd on a past track titled, "Dirty Laundry." The LA singer is the perfect complement to Moods' neo-soul/R&B cut off his 14-track debut bringing a new age Disclosure and SZA sound.

Check out Moods' full debut album here and find tracks off Zoom Out on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify..

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