MorMor releases his glimmering debut project ‘Heaven’s Only Wishful’


MorMor is consistent and worthy of all your playlists..

Stand out Tracks: "Heaven's Only Wishful," "Waiting On The Warmth"

Release Date: June 21st, 2018

          Toronto, yes I said Toronto has another star in the making. Seth Nyquist, known as MorMor, is a singer-songwriter out of Toronto who is tip-toeing on the edge of fame after dropping his first song back in February. MorMor's music is a slow burning joint on a summer day where thoughts take over actions. There is a beautiful balance between his vocals and production that makes listeners appreciate the sweet instrumentals while the impending vocals are replaced by one's own imagination. Like the 5-track EP, MorMor is concise and doesn't say more than he needs to while still getting his vision across artfully. 

MorMor finally released his debut EP titled Heaven's Only Wishful after months of teasing the project with his smooth and simplistic sound on "Whatever Comes To Mind," and the title track "Heaven's Only Wishful." These two tracks were the base and catalyst for the positive response surrounding him as an up-and-coming artist and for the much-deserving hype. In the past I have compared MorMor to Andre 3000 in Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, comparing his laid-back falsetto and groove-instilled tracks. This comparison is at its most evident on MorMor's 4th track on the EP, "Waiting on the Warmth," highlighted by the explosive chorus. The newest tracks come with "Lost" and "Find Colour" that released along with the EP adding two more quality tracks to MorMor's catalogue. The EP is short, but think of it this way; you can put the whole project on repeat quicker. Kanye just released two albums with 7 tracks each and call them albums so MorMor's 5-track EP is the perfect introduction. 

Stream Heaven's Only Wishful here via Spotify and check out the released visuals for 3 of the tracks below as well. Follow our playlist Burn Slow Vibes to find MorMor's music as well as other similar sounding tracks.

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