MorMor takes his falsetto to the stars on his heartfelt new EP ‘Some Place Else’


MorMor is a star in the sky waiting to guide you home..

                 Toronto singer/musician MorMor is one of our favourite rising artists and we were completely floored by his debut EP Heaven's Only Wishful last year. The 5-track project left us wanting more and clearly left a mark on fans around the world. That one short project alone has kept MorMor touring around the world so imagine the lengths his music will take him with a bigger music catalogue. Having just impressed at his Vancouver show this week, MorMor now shares his latest EP titled Some Place Else. The project includes his latest releases; "Outside" and "Pass The Hours" with this EP really taking his jaw-dropping falsetto to the next level. The 6-track EP presents us with 4 new songs of which "Days Like This" takes the cake. The EP brings a more melancholic and heartfelt MorMor that must derive from all the weeks on the road away from home; you really hear it on the closing track "Get Away." This man is slowly becoming one of Canada's biggest rising stars at his own pace and sooner or later the masses will take notice.

Stream the full EP below or listen to "Days Like This" below via Youtube. You can find tracks off the EP on our Burn Slow Vibes and Melancholy Love Sounds playlists on Spotify.

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