Mounties release colourful visuals for new single “De-Evolve Again”


Quaint visuals and whimsical lyrics on display for latest single "De-Evolve Again"...

             As the title of the song hints, Vancouver rock band Mounties are suggesting we de-evolve from what we as a human race have become. It's no secret that things have changed on this planet in the last, I don't know, lifetime.. and it's pretty clear we're heading down a pretty questionable road. "Lyrically, it hints at some sort of global awakening," as the Mounties explain about the track, "as if all 7 billion broken individuals stoop up and accepted a shared responsibility of what might be going wrong on the planet." This single is the first of what the Mounties have in store in the near future, with the release of their 15 track sophomore album Heavy Meta. 

Check out the colourful visuals to the mind-thrashing tune "De-Evolve Again" below via Youtube.


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