Mt. Joy & Wilderado were the silver lining to Vancouver’s weekend coming to an end

mt. joy
By Isaac Zipursky

Talk about a bittersweet end to the sunny weekend..

              Spring is in full effect in (recently sunny) Vancouver and it was more than obvious our winter is officially over with a stunning tour stop by LA-based indie bands Wilderado and Mt. Joy at Vancouver's Imperial on March 24th. Wilderado kicked off the night with Vancouver's hearts on their sleeves replicating the beauty of our dear city with their moving vocals and Vancouver was there on every strum filling up the venue for the beloved openers. Wilderado performed cuts from their most recent acoustic EP, Favours (Acoustic) and never forgetting about favourites such as "Rubble to Rubble," "Morning Light" and "Already Loved." It was a couples-packed venue with love definitely in the air that only continued once Mt. Joy stepped on stage. 

Shout out to Mt. Joy for finding the perfect complement for their tour that's still supporting their debut self-titled album Mt. Joy, that dropped last year around this time. Choosing a suitable opener is a critical component to a tour and if it's done well the show much like last night will run on time when the crowd arrives at doors open ready for both acts. Mt. Joy treated Vancouver with their oldest and first release "Astrovan" to start what at this point was going to be a flawless show. Even with some technical difficulties involving Mt. Joy's guitarist Sam Cooper, Vancouver was right there with them supporting them as they performed the reflective "Younger Days" and later cheered emphatically when Sam's guitar came back to life with lead singer Matt Quinn simply stating, "Sam's back." The rest of the night went smoothy with Mt. Joy performing their hit-laden debut including "Mt. Joy," "Julia," "Jenny Jenkins," "Dirty Love" and bringing the night to an end with "Silver Lining." But after an obvious encore, Mt. Joy returned for two more songs, which came with their bittersweet "Sheep." With a year since their debut album was released, expect new music soon from the Philadelphia-founded, but LA-based band Mt. Joy. Spring is here, so play your music loud and enjoy the bright skies even more. 

You can check out more photos from the concert on our Instagram here.

All photography by Isaac Zipursky.