Multi-talented producer Elaquent ‘Celebrates Life’ with new EP


Elaquent delivers a honest project full of soul..

           Toronto beatmaker Elaquent shares his latest Celebrate Life! EP that shows the multi-talented beatmaker in an honest space of reflection and a praise for the finer things in life. His new project follows up his full-length 2016 album Worst Case Scenario that gives off a much more experiential sound rather than appreciative. Worst Case Scenerio would be his experience on the way to buy a classy French wine, while Celebrate Life! would be his experience drinking the wine back home. He describes his project as a focus on the beautiful things in life rather than the negative and celebrating even the smallest dose of positivity. The EP is made up of 6-tracks that mix a jazzy west coast hip-hop sound with modern soul that once it gets in ya you can't help but groove along. Elaquent's style fits the Soulection craft working the drum machine like Sango, while paying homage to the jazz musicians and funk like Terrace Martin.

From the top, Elaquent "Celebrates Life!" with the title track as it rolls over to the slow bumpin' "Cocoa." "Black" comes right after featuring notable musician K, Le Maestro who brings his own flavour to the song. "Black" is blessed with animated visuals that can be found below; now you don't only feel the head-bobbing and groove, but you can see it. "No. 540" and "Something Classic" keep the mellow conscious flowing as the EP wraps up with the expressive final track, "Sao Paulo." From start to finish Elaquent wraps up his project eloquently conveying various emotions with one message, which is to "express yourself and to never forget to enjoy expressing yourself in life." 

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