Nate Husser releases his 3-track dose of insanity with ‘minus 23’

nate husser

The Montreal rapper’s latest is a dark and brilliantly crafted listen that kicks off his EP series...

Stand out Tracks: "How To Get Away With," "High For This"

Release Date: July 6th, 2018

            Nate Husser has made it apparent that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian rap scene. In 2017, Husser released his debut EP Geto Rock For The Youth, a beautifully grimy project that blended modern rap music with influences of psych-rock and grunge. On minus 23 Husser continues with many of the themes present on his debut. He characterizes his lifestyle growing up in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighborhood as harsh and violent. Husser's latest experiments with different tones and numerous genres; elements of traditional boom-bap, emo and trap are all present throughout the 3 track EP.

On the opening track, “Project_001” Husser delivers an energetic flow over an eerie synth beat. He details a grim lifestyle of selling drugs, drinking heavily and riding around town in minus 40-degree weather. Throughout “Project_001”, Husser’s delivery is similar to that of Jamaican singer Popcaan, if he wrote songs about moving dope and growing up in South-West Montreal. 

“High For This” sees Husser deliver his best Lil Wayne impression. He details the brutal hardships of losing friends and dodging police. The production by Jay Century and & Chase.wav is muddy and laid back and the beat allows Husser’s wild vocal performance to stand out. The final track “How To Get Away With” boasts an excitement-inducing instrumental. It is arguably the most entertaining track on the EP. In contrast to the first two tracks, Husser sounds remarkably confident. There’s even a moment where he pretends Kanye West is going to drop a verse, but obviously, the verse never comes.

Stream minus 23 on Spotify and Apple Music and you can check out his visuals for “How To Get Away With” as well below. Find some of the tracks on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.