Nate Husser’s new EP is a sonic trip that’ll leave you tweakin’ for more

nate husser
nate husser

Nate Husser brings Montreal to rap's forefront..

Stand out Tracks: "Killa Kop," "HollyHood," "Catherine."

Release Date: November 12th, 2017

          Montreal isn't the typical city you hear when discussing hip-hop, but emerging rapper Nate Husser (formerly just Husser), is striving to change that with each project. Husser is a dose of rockstar aggression laced with a troubled youth that makes for every conservative mother's nightmare. It's his hard-edged-high-pitched-raspy delivery that makes this up-and-coming emcee a problem that isn't going anywhere like Eminem's hatred for Trump. Having already impressed as a member of the critically acclaimed rap group The Posterz, his aim is to both be able to release collaborative projects while developing his solo career. Influences from all types of genres are present in his beats from rock to industrial punk; channeling a Death Grips sound and Vince Staples flow. His widespread influence is due to Husser growing up in a town without a hip-hop station, leading to him drawing influence from every type of music or vibe. His last solo project was 2015's Name Anotha N!99@, but Husser has since performed at shows with Danny Brown, Post Malone and Ottawa's Night Lovell while also appearing on labelmate (off Cult Nation) Charlotte Cardin's melancholic "Like It Doesn't Hurt." It's 2017 and Nate Husser intends on making a bigger mark in Canadian hip-hop with the release of his latest EP Geto Rock for the Youth, which he describes as "the youth in all us."

The EP opens with an out of body and eerie sound that introduces a different sonic direction for a rap project immediately. The somber opening track is titled, "Catherine" and is the leading single that initially teased the project's feel. The song came draped with a video filmed by Husser off his iPhone catching moments on tour; displaying his recent sinful lifestyle as a rap rockstar in the making. Halfway through the song, it turns up a couple notches showing off his explosive flow, which then chills back down on the following track "Paintings for the Blind (Million)." The track title which is an oxymoron in itself; shows signs of good 'ol boom bap rap proving that on top of his gritty delivery, Husser has bars which leave you cross-eyed thinking "the fuck he say?" "Killa Kop" is the hardest cut off the EP throwing back to the bassline on Dead Prez's "Hip-Hop" giving us a track that's 80% bass and 20% of the hardest anti-police bars you've ever heard. Get your middle fingers ready for the live show because you know you're throwing them up. "Paid to Party" gives us a glimpse of his life changes in where instead of selling dope at parties, Husser is now getting paid just to party (the dream of every college student). Another highlight off the project with heavy rock influence is the fifth track "HollyHood;" a distorted foul-mouthed homage to the hood that precedes the laid back warning shot that is “That’s My Chain on Your Neck.” Nate Husser has some similarities to Eminem’s early sound showcasing his ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude while keeping his cool on the storytelling track, “Marshall Mathers Type Beat.” The calm before the storm is how I describe Eminem’s transition from Infinite to The Marshall Mathers LP with Husser’s closing track being the calm in the midst of the industrial rap enigma that is Geto Rock for the Youth. Nate Husser solidifies his solo career with this impressive EP that sets the stage for an incredibly hype tour you won't want to miss.

Check out the videos for "Catherine" and "Paintings for the Blind (Millions)" below and find tracks off the album on the City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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