Next up Montreal-based rapper Kris The $pirit releases visuals for his single “Boy’s Krazy” + debut album

Kris The $pirit
Kris The $pirit

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Montreal is out here producing reputable hip-hop..

            Giving Toronto a run for their money, Montreal has been popping up a lot in hip-hop lately. Spearheaded by Nate Husser's own movement, Husser began with a rap group called The Posterz and well.. it's the next member's moment to shine. Kris The $pirit is one of the three members of The Posterz who like Husser; flourishes over the bass-heavy and shady production. With growing similarities to A$AP Mob, it seems like The Posterz members are dropping their projects one after another until they're all over Canadian rap. Kris The $pirit debuts his solo material with the hypnotic single "Boy's Krazy." Releasing with visuals, you can see the similar aesthetic in his style as Husser bringing nothing, but raw delivery.

Kris The $pirit's debut album Spirit Mode Vol. 1 delivers a total of 10-tracks bound to break a couple necks. Releasing under Make It Rain Records, the album is available and streaming everywhere, which you find below. Other notable cuts on the album include "LIVEURLYFE" featuring rapper Kap.Dog, "Rack$," and the electrifying banger "Fumble Remix" with Khaleem. Kris The $pirit maintains the bass-krazy industrial sound that made The Posterz so dope, but maintains it uniquely his own solo effort. 

Stream the album below and watch the visuals for the lead single off the album, "Boy's Krazy." Find the notable cuts mentioned above on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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