Nick Murphy – Missing Link EP

nick murphy
Nick Murphy - Missing Link

Chet Faker who?

Stand out Tracks: "Your Time," "Forget About Me"

Release Date: May 9th, 2017

           A beautifully orchestrated rejuvenation is what I would describe Nick Murphy's 5-track release. With one feature and one feature only, Nick Murphy enlists none other than Canadian powerhouse producer, Kaytranada. The project is the evolution of Nick Murphy's name change from Chet Faker; the name that gave him so much success.

Kaytranada and Nick Murphy sound perfectly in tune on the first track, 'Your Time.' Nick passionately sings over a slick and distorted beat that Kaytranada does his magic on adding his hard hitting drums and snares. The chorus sings the desperate feeling of needing something and in this case it's 'your time.' The following song, 'Bye' transitions to a much more aggressive and punk side of Nick Murphy that is unrecognizable in Chet Faker. The hard hitting track marks the end to his past, introducing you to the new artist with Nick literally saying 'bye' with his music without speaking a word. 'I'm Ready' is the third track continuing the shift in his sound making his collaboration with Bonobo in 'No Reason' great foreshadowing for what we should have expected in his future work. 'Forget About Me' begins with a dark and almost sacrilegious intro quickly transcending into an ambient trance experience with trip hop drums making you spiral into an experimental experience with no sights in letting you go. The project ends with a sound that vaguely resembles the days of Chet Faker. 'Weak Education' is an arrangement of bass strings, hi-hats and drums that eventually breaks out into his beloved piano keys backed by his vague vocals that summarize this rebirth of an artist that has graduated to a new sound. Nick Murphy silences the doubts around his name change and cements himself as a genius experimental producer as much as a vocalist. Dope.

Nick Murphy will be gracing the Vogue Theatre's stage October 9th on his North American Tour for an All Ages show. Get your tickets here...

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