Novo Amor’s majestic debut album ‘Birthplace’ is a love letter to Mother Nature

novo amor
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Novo Amor's love letter to the environment digs deep and hurts..

Stand out Tracks: "Utican," "State Lines," and "Birthplace"

Release Date: October 19th, 2018

              Though Welsh singer Ali Lacey, known as Novo Amor, sounds impeccably like Justin Vernon's Bon Iver, he writes his own story through atmospheric tones and beautifully pensive lyrics. Growing up deep in the Welsh mountains, you can understand nature being an important force in Novo Amor's music leading to his debut album Birthplace. 

As majestic as folk can come, Novo Amor delivers a delicate album that sonically respects nature and communicates the fragile state it's a through love songs. What easily could be the follow up to Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever AgoNovo Amor's debut album features 10-tracks that will turn any extrovert to an introvert for 33 minutes.

From uplifting to pensive and hopeful, Novo Amor covers all the ground in taking your emotions on a ride. Birthplace features previously released singles, "State Lines," the album's title track "Birthplace," and "Utican" adding 7 totally new releases to the project.

"Birthplace" was blessed with one of the most visually beautiful and heartbreaking videos of the year featuring a massive whale made out of plastic collected by school children, which you can check out below.

Among social issues, Novo Amor touches on the point that experiences don't last forever so special moments should be cherished while you experience them. Referencing his lyrics, "I've been awake in every state line, dyin' to make it last us a lifetime" (off his single "State Lines"); we are forever in debt to the memories nature gives us.

Throughout his music and specifically "Sleepless," "Emigrate," and "Repeat Until Death" there's a blurred line between the subject Novo Amor is singing about. They sound like love songs to someone he's wronged or to the environment as an apology from us all.

As you continue through the album to "Seneca," "Anniversary," and "Oh, Round Lake" you finally realize that the whole record touches on the personification of the environment, bringing mother nature to life and man did we do her wrong.

Birthplace is heartbreaking, but hope shines through. An album that needs to be heard by all the climate change doubters because if facts don't work, Novo Amor makes his point through emotion.

Grab tickets to Novo Amor's show at St. James Hall in Vancouver on November 30th here. Not one to miss as you won't get another opportunity to see the Welsh singer in an intimate setting like this.