Overcoats – YOUNG


Overcoats - YOUNG

Music for the soul

Overcoats share with us a beautiful album with meaningful lyrics and music for the soul. The folk/soul duo rest on each other's shoulders on this one with no features taking you on a journey of modern electropop beats mixed with their folk/soul hormonies that intertwine one another that could easily be on an acoustic folk album.

The name "YOUNG" continues the theme of the album of just being young, full of emotions and growing up making choices that you may not be ready for. The album starts off with an ode to fathers in 'Father,' a song about how their love and understanding, followed by 'Smaller Than My Mother' and '23' continuing the theme of being "Young." 'Leave The Light On' is definitely one of their harder hitting tracks sounding like the protest song on the album and is shortly followed by a soft 'Hold Me Close.' 'The Fog' preaches about independence while 'Walk On' falls back to insecurity. Past loves take light in opposite forms in 'Little Memory' and 'Siren' bringing about two sides to remembering someone. Finishing up the album, "Nighttime Hunger' and 'Kai's Song' continue the theme of love in the forms of a need and want. The album fittingly concludes with 'Mother' as I can image a father is the first person to turn to, but only a mother as experienced what a daughter is experiences growing up. An album full of contrast and beauty.



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