Ozuna – Baila Baila Baila


In our dead of winter, somewhere, some place it's summer with Ozuna..

               It may be ridiculously cold outside for a lot of us in the Northern hemisphere, but hey you know when it's cold somewhere, it's always hot some place else and that place is where ever Ozuna is at. In our dead of winter, Ozuna is enjoying the sun releasing contagious dance tracks making Latins everywhere in the North envy for Vitamin D. To kick off his inevitably successful 2019, Ozuna released his short, but addictive new single, "Baila Baila Baila." This is music that makes you move and exactly what Drake is trying to bite when he attempts at making dancehall/latin music. Watch the full video below that was released along with the song that features fake horses, dancers, cars and a big shallow pool.

You can also find "Baila Baila Baila" on our The Latin Sound playlist via Spotify.


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