PARTY delivers heartache and lust...

          It's been almost a year since PARTYNEXTDOOR's last release, PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 in August last year giving us singles like "Come and See Me" and "Not Nice." Since then PARTY has been busy writing for almost everyone in the industry, most recently co-writing DJ Khaled's new single "Wild Thoughts." PND's new album Colours 2 is a melodic work of art full of sexual innuendos stuck in a slow motion film reel. The drugged up pace of the project is one PARTY identifies with showcasing his do-rag painted lyrics. The soulful singer takes a featureless approach on this 4-track album something his OVO boss Drake is a stranger to and comes out with real R&B.

The album opens up with track "Peace of Mind" offering a soulful ode to girls who hold their man down and give them well.. 'peace of mind.' PND sings "I'd retire right now, but I'm too young baby" proving his undeniable love and his end to the chase. PND returns to his roots on the following song "Freak In You" singing about his favourite topic, the bedroom. A room full of women, but he only wants the one who's a freak; the trials and tribulations of being an R&B singer. PND channels his inner Young Thug, adopting a similar flow and melody on this track experimenting with voice breaks. The third song on Colours 2 is a soulful pop song that could have easily been written for Rihanna titled "Low Battery." Issues of the 21st century practically wrote this song with PND singing about the miscommunications relationships face from interacting so much through cellphones. A song about heartache in today's modern romance and the standout song from the album is a song that triumphs from simplicity in the beat and lyrics - something OVO artists have perfected over the years. The last song on the project is called "Rendezvous" where PND rekindles an old flame. Party conveys to an old love "You're still Jenny from the motherfucking block" justifying old feelings never fully go away no matter how much you move on and that's every ex's kryptonite. PND delivers a short album made up of 4 tracks, but proves he's the source of passion on the OVO team and the fuel that keeps Drake doing numbers. Dope. 

You can find PARTYNEXTDOOR at Blueprint's Faded in the Park performing on the Saturday. Tickets for the single days are now for sale.


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