Phé drops her new pop-vibe “wtv, it’s cool” with visuals


Phé raises the bar in new single..

               Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Phé shares her brand new single "wtv, it's cool" with her fun and millennial-aimed visuals. Produced by Todd Spadafore and Jaime Estalella, I can't help but hear Ariana Grande in the structure of the track, method the bridge in the song influences the chorus and in Phé's flawless delivery. It shows a new artist transitioning into an established artist who shows fearlessness in her art allowing the creatives juices to run wild. The visuals are a perfect complement to the track; making the release of the two at the same time a good call to complete the feeling. 

Watch the video below directed by Brit Phelan and find the track on our The AM Sound playlist via Spotify.

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