Philly indie collective Besphrenz drop their latest feel-good single “Tired Eyes”


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Chill out and treat your "tired eyes"..

              Philadelphia indie collective Besphrenz bring a sort of modern day Beach Boys type style to their indie-pop music about surfing, beaches, and simply having fun with friends. With their debut EP titled Beach Haven having dropped earlier this summer, their fun-spirited music is quickly reaching a wider audience. Slowly, but surely their streams are rising by the thousands and a small portion of that has Asher Roth to thank for his co-sign and feature on their opening track "Beach House." The Philly collective keep it coming straight into Autumn with their latest single "Tired Eyes." An ode to them red tired eyes that are only rescued by the holy Visine. Check out their latest feel-good jam below and follow this new collective out of Philly before it becomes a wave!

You can find "Tired Eyes" on our feel-good playlist Burn Slow Vibes via Spotify.

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