Pink Sweat$ – Coke & Henny Pt. 2

pink sweat$

The man projected to have a huge 2019 delivers with new EP..

              Philadelphia singer/songwriter Pink Sweat$ had a great 2018 blowing up with his song "Honesty" off his debut EP Volume One, but is projected to have an even bigger 2019. Pink Sweat$ delivers Frank Ocean-esque music that brings soul to his smooth R&B and catchy songwriting. After dropping his first single "I Know" off his new project, Volume Two was widely expected to surpass his debut's success. Now Volume Two is officially out and yes it's flawless from start to finish, but you can't continue listening through the album without repeating track 3, "Coke & Henny Pt. 2." You can tell this man used to write for others because he knows what sells and this track will definitely sell.

Stream "Coke & Henny Pt. 2" below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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