POWERBLEEDER – Donnie Wants You Dead


Powerbleeder kicking off 2018 with a politically charged single 

          Who is 'Donnie' and who does he want dead? Powerbleeder's latest single 'Donnie Wants You Dead' is a politically charged song that uses unique lyrics and a mash of indie pop sounds to express some political views. This upbeat tune with the catchy mirroring vocals has the feel of a playground theme song with a purpose. Singer/songwritter David Plell's lyrics are cleverly aligned, giving us just a slight sense of sarcasm. Who knows who they might be talking about...

'Donnie Wants You Dead' is the first song off Powerbleeder's EP 'G u s h' set to be released on April 10th, 2018. Check them out below via Soundcloud and/or Bandcamp.