Review: Rifflandia 2018 unites Victoria’s communities


Rifflandia’s 10th year continues its tradition of presenting a wide variety of talent... 

             Each year I’ve attended Rifflandia, I'm inspired by the festival’s ability to bring the community together. Rifflandia brings out the diverse population in Victoria and allows everyone to come together and enjoy some incredible music. Even torrential downpours couldn't defeat the positive spirit of festival attendees. This year featured a vast array of talent, both in sound and popularity. Arguably the festival’s biggest attraction was soul singer Daniel Caesar. The Oshawa-born artist put on a spectacular performance, showcasing his beautiful vocal talents but also his kind and vulnerable personality. Anyone can get swooned by his superb and sometimes heartbreaking songwriting. Another one of this year's headliners was singer Jessie Reyez. Reyez came out guns blazing, performing her songs with intense energy and displaying her powerful singing voice. She took the time to express her own beliefs and opinions by calling out the music industry itself for its treatment of women. Her messages of self-empowerment only fired up the crowd even more.

daniel caesar
Daniel Caesar By Linus Wong
jessie reyez
Jessie Reyez By Linus Wong

Over the course of the Rifflandia weekend, Victoria transforms into one massive party. Besides the main stages at Royal Athletic Park, Phillips Brewery, Lucky Bar, Capital Ballroom and several other smaller venues host shows throughout the weekend. With so many venues, Rifflandia serves as a platform for emerging artists of all genres and backgrounds. It also allows for Victoria/Vancouver area artists to take the spotlight to show off and develop their talent. Vancouver rap duo So Loki brought their wild hard-hitting sound to the Phillips Brewery parking lot. To close the festival, local favorites Current Swell brought out several other Victoria musicians including rocker Jesse Roper for a moving final set.  

current swell
Current Swell By Linus Wong
Jesse Roper
Jesse Roper By Linus Wong

Once again Rifflandia was able to provide an experience that was open to everyone. The inclusion of a wide variety of artists is always Rifflandia’s best characteristic. It’s satisfying to see a supportive response from the community, support that’s been continuing to grow since the festival’s inaugural year in 2008. Walking around the festival seeing so many positive expressions speaks to vibe Rifflandia creates. Rifflandia proves that when a love and passion for music and togetherness intersect, it creates a truly unique festival experience.

Thank you to Rifflandia for hosting City Soundcheck, you can check out more photos from the festival on our Instagram here.

All photography by Linus Wong

Lights By Linus Wong
The Original JB Band
The Original JB Band By Linus Wong
Common Holly
Common Holly By Linus Wong
Bishop Briggs
Bishop Briggs By Linus Wong

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