Revolushn is making San Francisco thrash again!


Further!! is a hazy psychedelic trip..

          Revolushn is a psychedelic rock group from San Francisco who are quickly getting ready on doing a nationwide tour of the US to support their album Further!!, which was released June 15th, 2017 . The group has been making noise in San Francisco earning a spot on Spotify's 100 Next Big Thing list with their single "Dinosaurs." The band was formed by No (guitar) and Dekay (drums) who write all the songs and debuted with the album The Freshman which can be streamed below. They later recruited Schubert Ola (keyboards), Guinevere Q (bass) and Young Sun (guitar) who made up the rest of the vocals. The band provides a unique experience with Further!!'s sound, making it seem like a live show instead of digital album as you can hear each chord, key and riff as if you are in the studio with them.

Further!!  was recorded at Cypher Sound Studio in Kansas City, Missouri where it was produced by Aaron Connor who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Belinda Carlyle and even Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The range in artists Connor has worked with is displayed in Revolushn's own range who can perform heavy thrash music to soft melodious, psychedelic rock. The album begins and ends similarly with the title track, "Further!!" setting the tone for a classic rock album with bluesy guitar riffs and a single stroke roll, and closing with "All Is As It Should Be." Revolushn's psychedelic sound is heard loud and clear transferring to the following songs, "Time + Travel = Time" "Dog Gets High" and "The Man Who Knew Everything," which are peak late 60s rock. The trippy and deliberately rough-edited video for "Dog Gets High" can be seen below on Youtube. The names alone have a hippy vibe to it, which is followed up by "Dinosaurs" and "Weird Little Minds" beginning softly though not wasting any time to introduce the heavy drums and guitars. "The River" and "You Will Go" are two of the softer and more melodious rock songs on the album proving the range in their vocals and instrumental sound throughout the whole project. No describes the band's message as "Be Free" emphasizing artistic freedom and happiness, which is what the album, Further!! is for Revolushn.

Nonetheless, heavy rock music is not the type of music I listen to, but for the head bangers out there who appreciate musicians tearing up a stage; this is a band to look out for as they are just about to begin their crazy trip. You can stream their album Further!! on Spotify or Soundcloud and find their contact information here on the left to subscribe and follow.

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