Rhye – Song For You


Rhye wrote this "Song for You"..

          The R&B duo are writing some of the smoothest and most touching songs that'll turn any moment into 'a moment.' The Canadian singer who makes up half of the R&B duo named Milosh is gifted with an angelic voice that seems to intertwine hands with Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal's production. Though their new single titled " Song For You" features Milosh's own production, it gives people yet another reason to stream their upcoming album Blood; releasing February 2nd. 

If you enjoy "Song For You" you might as well check out the other tracks that are expected to appear on Blood like "Count To Five," "Taste," and "Please" here on their Spotify profile. 

"Song For You" appears on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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